What They Say About Us

We help our customers achieve their mission goals

What is Omnisys for me? First, Omnisys is a group of special, professional, determined and humble people. Omnisys complements, supports and leads at the same time. I have known the company for over 15 years since the beginning of my career at Rafael. Since then it has continued to grow and develop products. Yet not for a moment has its solutions stopped being influential and integrated within the leading systems and multi-system technologies developed by large industry players and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Ofer is the leader and cornerstone of the company, who knows how to be a great friend, manager and professional. The company’s people are intertwined with the large industry players, and there’s always a sense of one unified team. Omnisys instills confidence that there is someone to rely on. It’s a company that knows how to deliver the required output, and has the knowledge, power and resources to support any requirement in its field. I would like Omnisys to continue in its path with its unique character. I hope it will continue to grow and flourish and impact the security of Israel. And I wish it will continue to be an excellent team player.
Brig. General (Res.) Pini Yungman EVP, General Manager, Air & Missile Defense Division, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems
Omnisys is a group of professional and decent people. Yet above all that, Omnisys is the first name that comes to my mind when I require urgent help. Omnisys always comes to our aid without asking why do we need to, or why us, or how will payment be made. They just come – and that, in my eyes, is a real partnership.
Dror Bar VP & General Manager, Air & Missile Defense Division, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
The uniqueness of Omnisys stems from the intimate family-like connection that the company and its people create with the customer. As a customer, I always felt that I was important to them, they wanted the best for me, they were attentive to my needs, and they would do everything to find the way to provide the best answer for me. I also felt that they were always there with me and for me. Of course, thanks to this approach, the outcomes and products were high-quality and significant for us.
Colonel (Ret.) Daniel Savitch Former Commander of Air and Ballistic Missile Defense Project Office, Israeli Air Force (IAF)
Omnisys is a company that develops capabilities and solutions that are real force multipliers within the IDF’s real-time planning and control processes. Omnisys is a true partner of Israel’s defense establishment in the building of the IDF’s power. Omnisys employees make up a professional and dedicated group that sees the defense establishment as its main and most important customer.
Brig. General (Res.) Peter Silagy Former Head of Department, Israel Ministry of Defense, Directorate of Defense Research & Development (IMOD DDR&D)
For us, Omnisys is like a sister company – a true partner! Omnisys is a flexible company that believes in professionalism, integrity, partnership and loyalty. Over the last decade, Omnisys has been a partner of ours in significant development projects carried out for the Ministry of Defense. Omnisys offers mission planning and debriefing products that are among the most advanced in the world.
Eyal Shapira VP & General Manager, AD & Naval Radar System Division, ELTA Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Omnisys has unique capabilities in resource optimization within dynamic and crowded environments. The company’s abilities are derived from its high-quality and leading team that is committed to achieving results and global excellence. During my latest managerial positions, I’ve been happy to receive assistance from Omnisys’ special tools and capabilities.
Jacob Galifat General Manager, Malam Division, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Omnisys’ technology fills the evolved operational gap. Their innovative approach can not only save money during defense build-up plans, but also save lives when increased mission success is achieved.
Brig. General (Ret.) Eytan Eshel Former Head of Military R&D, Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD)
Over the past 20 years, Omnisys has provided solutions to maximize strategic and tactical mission success by combining operational know-how with advanced technology and algorithmic development. Omnisys is an important partner of Israel’s defense industry, Ministry of Defense and the IDF.
Commander (Ret.) Sela Meyouhas Former Project Manager, Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD)
The positioning of our enemies and our own troops in the field is constantly changing. Omnisys solutions know how to respond to events in real time, by connecting operational understanding with advanced technology.
Colonel (Ret.) Ran Turgeman Former Head of Air Control Systems, Israeli Air Force (IAF)
The unique aspect of Omnisys is expressed in the significant value added that it provides via its solutions, which navigate and direct users in real time, and enable process improvements and better decision-making by commanders in the field.
Brig. General (Ret.) Moshe Shchori Former Chief Intelligence Officer, IDF