BRO for Spectrum Management

The Need

In the last decades, the proliferation of RFconsuming resources (such as radar, SIGINT and EW systems) across wireless, cellular and satellite communication networks has made the RF spectrum an increasingly scarce resource. For both military and civilian applications, utilizing this resource efficiently is essential due to the ever-growing gap between rising demand and finite spectrum supply. 

Our Solution

BRO for Spectrum Management (BRO-SM) is an advanced battle resource optimization system that optimizes spectrum management to enhance overall mission success. Improving frequency allocation and utilization, BRO-SM provides real-time analysis, mission performance degradation alerts and action recommendations, as well as advanced planning and debriefing capabilities. 

BRO-SM uses specs and measurements from emitters and receivers in order to optimize frequency allocation and minimize actual interference patterns received by sensors. Working either independently or in conjunction with existing commandandcontrol (C4I) systems, BRO-SM enables mission commanders to make faster and better decisions. 

Your Benefits

Maximized utilization of scarce spectrum via optimal frequency allocation and management
Increased RF-related mission success (e.g. threat interception) by taking into account spectrum’s impact on mission performance
Enhanced in-mission decision-making via real-time analysis, degradation alerts and recommendations
Increased responsiveness via reduced information overload and decision-maker workload

BRO-SM Products

BRO-SM Planner enables the mission planning team to estimate and maximize mission performance through optimized pre-mission planning: 

Spectrum allocation: optimal frequency allocation for:  

  • radars 
  • wireless communication and SATCOM systems 
  • jammers and electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems 
  • receivers and direction-finding (DF) systems 

Operational order generation: production of an operational mission order that includes frequency allocation for each system and spectrum management policy

BRO-SM Commander delivers a range of real-time capabilities to the mission operations team for maximized mission management:

  • Performance estimation: real-time spectrum coexistence performance estimation and analysis
  • Degradation alerts: real-time degradation alerts such as coexistence interferences, and explanations of the underlying reasons for the degradations
  • Action recommendations: real-time action recommendations, such as frequency allocation and sector blanking

BRO-SM Debriefer allows the mission debriefing team to streamline and optimize the debriefing process:

  • Debriefing tools: effective debriefing tools for post-mission performance analysis versus pre-mission performance estimation
  • Log analysis: Advanced analysis of mission logs (both technical and operational) 
  • Pattern/anomaly analysis: pattern and anomaly analysis using big data handling and machine learning capabilities