BRO for Electronic Warfare

The Need

Electronic warfare (EW) has become increasingly important over time, and is projected to grow rapidly in the years ahead. Electronic attack (EA), a part of EW involving the use of electromagnetic spectrum to interrupt, neutralize or degrade enemy systems, is a critical element for force protection in complex and congested enemy arenas. EW planners and force commanders must optimize the deployment and management of EW assets to ensure mission survivability and success.

Our Solution

BRO for Electronic Warfare (BRO-EW) is an advanced battle resource optimization system that maximizes the performance of EW missions. The system optimizes the utilization of EW-related assets, such as electronic support measure (ESM) and electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems. BRO-EW can be expanded and used for electronic support (ES) by using the BRO for Intelligence Gathering (BRO-IG) and BRO for Spectrum Management (BRO-SM) systems.

As an additional layer of command and control, BRO-EW provides crucial recommendations and insights that enable decision makers to plan and monitor asset usage, as well as anticipate events and take actions in real time. The system aggregates data from sensors, C4I systems, intelligence systems and enemy CONOPS to find potential operational gaps and recommend actions that maximize overall EW mission performance.

The BRO-EW suite optimizes all three stages of EW mission execution – threat assessment and task planning, real-time performance evaluation and management, and debriefing and feedback – for maximized mission success.

Your Benefits

Reduced enemy detection of friendly forces by optimized EW planning and deployment
Decreased quantity of required EW systems and platforms via optimal asset allocation
Improved decision-making quality and speed based on real-time alerts and recommendations
Increased responsiveness via reduced information overload and decision-maker workload

BRO-EW Products

BRO-EW Planner enables the mission planning team to estimate and maximize mission performance through optimized pre-mission planning:

  • Asset deployment and parameter setting: Policy definition, asset deployment, and setting of major sensor and system parameters, such as EW platform optimal path, EW jamming sector allocation and EW technique utilized
  • Estimated system performance: Estimated performance of EW systems against pre-selected threats, taking into account terrain, technical parameters, intelligence data, environmental conditions, properties of the EW systems, associated threats, protected assets, and various other constraints
  • Operational order generation: Detailed EW mission order that may be sent to the active EW forces participating in the mission

BRO-EW Commander delivers a range of real-time capabilities to the mission operations team for maximized mission management:

  • Effectiveness picture and updates: Real-time effectiveness picture of the deployed EW assets, as well as real-time policy and mission updates, supporting the mission commander’s real-time decision-making
  • Recommendations and alerts: Real-time recommendations and performance degradation alerts due to changing mission conditions
  • Operability status updates: Systems operability status updates based on connectivity with all involved assets
  • Enemy deployment/activity picture: Real-time enemy deployment and activity picture, enabling immediate changes to mission execution driven from real-time changes in the combat arena

BRO-EW Debriefer allows the mission debriefing team to streamline and optimize the debriefing process:

  • Performance analysis: Research and analysis of mission performance and enemy behavior using cutting-edge data manipulation and visualization tools, anomaly detection, and big data analytics
  • Expert system: Adaptive expert system
  • In-depth investigations: Efficient in-depth investigations and debriefing that substantially improve future mission performance