BRO for Border Security

The Need

Protecting national land and maritime borders is a critical, complex and expanding mission for homeland security (HLS) and military forces worldwide. With the growing number and sophistication of threats posed by terrorist networks, crime organizations and other unwanted intruders, national border security requires cutting-edge solutions and doctrines.

Our Solution

BRO for Border Security (BRO-BSec) is an advanced battle resource optimization system that maximizes performance of border security missions. BRO-BSec helps protect land borders, marine shores, economic waters, harbors and other critical assets.

Designed and developed for optimal allocation and utilization of mission resources – including various sensors, platforms and response teams – the system meets demanding operational mission requirements. Supported mission resources include: various radar, COMINT, optical, electro-optical and acoustic sensors; and wide-ranging land, air and maritime platforms such as observation towers, scout balloons, observation vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones.

With a state-of-the-art infrastructure comprising GIS, simulation, analysis and optimization engines, BRO-BSec interfaces easily with existing C4I and other systems, or operates as a stand-alone system.

Your Benefits

Reduced number of successful border intrusions via optimal resource management
Improved decision-making via real-time analysis and recommendations
Reduced operational resources required via optimal asset allocation and deployment
Increased responsiveness via reduced information overload and decision-maker workload

BRO-BSec Products

BRO-BSec Planner enables the mission planning team to estimate and maximize mission performance through optimized pre-mission planning:

  • Threat analysis: threat analysis via characterization and assessment of intruders with respect to their capabilities and likely intrusion routes, as well as provided intelligence regarding the likelihood of perimeter penetration attempts
  • Resource allocation/deployment: allocation and deployment of dynamic resources (including sensors, interception teams and tactical platforms) as well as system configuration selection based on mission-specific physical barriers, parameters and goals
  • Planning optimization: optimization of border security mission planning according to available detection and interception assets, mission requirements and limitations (e.g. topography, structures, asset availability, weather, and time of day)

BRO-BSec Commander delivers a range of real-time capabilities to the mission operations team for maximized mission management:

  • Monitoring and estimation: real-time monitoring of operational mission goals and performance estimation according to developing and evolving real-time scenarios
  • Alerts: real-time alerts on changes in border security effectiveness due to changes in the weather or intelligence updates
  • Decision support: real-time decision-support capability that enables the mission commander to adjust mission resources to the evolving situation, such as changing deployment based on real-time intelligence updates

BRO-BSec Debriefer provides invaluable information to BRO-BSec Commander and allows the mission debriefing team to streamline and optimize the debriefing process:

  • Reporting: automatic report generation including statistical analysis of intruder behavior and border security effectiveness
  • Intruder behavior analysis: analysis of intruder behavior, including pattern recognition and anomaly detection
  • Automatic model calibration: ongoing calibration of models relating to intruder detection systems (e.g. probability of detection parameters taking into account clutter, multipath and weather) or interception assets (e.g. response times taking into account platform maneuverability, terrain and human factors)
  • Data manipulation/visualization: user access to cutting-edge data manipulation and visualization tools, streamlining the operational and technical debriefing process