Systems Overview

BRO is Omnisys’ suite of cutting-edge battle resource optimization systems

The Need

The growing complexity of today’s operational missions leads to sub-optimal decision-making and resource utilization. As a result, new solutions delivering real-time recommendations are required for maximized performance throughout the mission lifecycle. That’s where Omnisys comes in.
The Need

BRO Concept of Operation

Combat-proven BRO systems leverage existing C4I and weapons systems to serve as true “mission performance multipliers.” Integrating easily with a wide range of military assets, BRO optimizes and simplifies complex land, sea and air missions. BRO enables mission commanders and other users to optimize critical decisions for maximized mission performance.
BRO Concept of Operation

Why BRO?

Mission performance multiplier that leverages existing systems
Multi-domain solution integrating assets from land, sea and air
Real-time action recommendations for maximizing in-mission management
End-to-end mission optimization: planning, management and debriefing

Key Benefit – Maximize Mission Performance

Optimize operations of existing assets/systems
Simplify operations of complex missions
Reduce battle complexity and information overload
Achieve end-to-end mission optimization

Mission-Based Products

Each mission-based system features three integrated products that deliver end-to-end optimization throughout the mission lifecycle. Bundled together, these products maximize mission performance across all three mission stages – pre-mission planning, in-mission management, and post-mission debriefing.

BRO Systems

Based on a deep understanding of both systems and customer requirements, BRO solutions deliver end-to-end optimization for diverse air, land and sea missions: