Systems Overview

BRO is Omnisys’ suite of cutting-edge battle resource optimization systems

The Need

The growing complexity of today’s operational missions leads to sub-optimal decision-making and resource utilization. As a result, new solutions delivering real-time recommendations are required for maximized performance throughout the mission lifecycle. That’s where Omnisys comes in.
BRO Concept of Operation

Why BRO?

Mission performance multiplier that leverages existing systems
Multi-domain solution integrating assets from land, sea and air
Real-time action recommendations for maximizing in-mission management
End-to-end mission optimization: planning, management and debriefing

Key Benefit – Maximize Mission Performance

Optimize operations of existing assets/systems
Simplify operations of complex missions
Reduce battle complexity and information overload
Achieve end-to-end mission optimization

Mission-Based Products

Each mission-based system features three integrated products that deliver end-to-end optimization throughout the mission lifecycle. Bundled together, these products maximize mission performance across all three mission stages – pre-mission planning, in-mission management, and post-mission debriefing.

BRO Systems

Based on a deep understanding of both systems and customer requirements, BRO solutions deliver end-to-end optimization for diverse air, land and sea missions: