The Omnisys Edge

We provide combat-proven mission optimization solutions for maximized performance throughout the mission lifecycle

Israeli market leader in mission optimization

Two decades of proven performance in live combat
Fully operational solutions for land, sea and air domains
Deployed solutions for all mission stages: planning, management, debriefing

Leading expert in mission optimization

Strong focus on mission optimization solutions
Cutting-edge optimization, real-time analysis, machine learning, AI and expert system technologies
Deep understanding of military users’ complex operational mission needs

Our Customers

We provide our systems and services to military bodies, armed forces and homeland security agencies requiring cutting-edge mission optimization solutions. We deliver our solutions either directly to military and HLS customers, or via our partnerships with selected defense contractors.

About Omnisys

Omnisys is a global provider of leading mission optimization solutions for defense and homeland security. The Omnisys BRO suite of battle resource optimization systems enables end-to-end planning, management and debriefing for integrated land, sea and air missions. The mission optimization leader in Israel’s defense industry for two decades, Omnisys delivers combat-proven solutions for diverse critical missions including intelligence gathering, spectrum management, air defense, air surveillance, border security and electronic warfare. Possessing deep multidisciplinary expertise, Omnisys develops cutting-edge real-time analysis and optimization technologies. Omnisys empowers mission commanders and other users to optimize critical decisions for maximized mission performance.