Maximize Your Mission Performance

Omnisys’ BRO suite of battle resource optimization systems significantly improves your mission-critical decisions

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BRO Systems

Based on deep expertise and experience in mission management, the BRO suite delivers end-to-end optimization for diverse operational missions

Why BRO?

Mission performance multiplier that leverages existing systems
Multi-domain solution integrating assets from land, sea and air
Real-time action recommendations for maximizing in-mission management
End-to-end mission optimization: planning, management and debriefing

Customer Testimonials

Omnisys provides unique cutting-edge solutions with an impressive development capability and a high level of implementation. When a specific need arises requiring a quick solution, Omnisys mobilizes in full force to provide stability and peace of mind, and achieve the expected results.
Arieh Herzog Former Head of the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO)
Omnisys possesses an optimal understanding of events, lacks and gaps in defense systems; hence, its capability of producing unique solutions designed to achieve optimized mission planning, give precise instructions in real time, and lead to full accomplishment of the mission.
Brig. General (Ret.) Eitan Yariv IAF Operations Staff and Senior Advisor on Air Defense Systems
The positioning of our enemies and our own troops in the field is constantly changing. Omnisys solutions know how to respond to events in real time, by connecting operational understanding with advanced technology.
Colonel (Ret.) Ran Turgeman Former Head of Air Control Systems, Israeli Air Force (IAF)
Omnisys’ technology fills the evolved operational gap. Their innovative approach can not only save money during defense build-up plans, but also save lives when increased mission success is achieved.
Brig. General (Ret.) Eytan Eshel Former Head of Military R&D, Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD)
For us, Omnisys is like a sister company – a true partner! Omnisys is a flexible company that believes in professionalism, integrity, partnership and loyalty. Over the last decade, Omnisys has been a partner of ours in significant development projects carried out for the Ministry of Defense. Omnisys offers mission planning and debriefing products that are among the most advanced in the world.
Eyal Shapira VP & General Manager, AD & Naval Radar System Division, ELTA Systems, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)