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Why BRO?

The operational mission challenges of the 21st century battlefield are greater than ever before – complex environment, unpredictable developing conflict conditions, rapidly evolving threats as well as multiple missions, systems, sensors and users

Our innovative solution provides extensive tools to meet these challenges by maximizing operational success of tactical and strategic missions such as: Air Surveillance, Active defense, Electronic Warfare, ISR, etc.

Omnisys BRO is an online decision-support system that maximizes operational success through real-time asset optimization. Featuring real-time mission performance monitoring and prediction, Omnisys BRO ensures improved mission planning and performance.

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Real time Performance prediction and Optimization

Maximizing Operational Success

  • Shortening the computation time to a more relevant time frame
  • Provides real time combat support systems
  • Provided solutions to maximize strategic and tactical mission success
  • Optimization planning, layout and placement of the system
Omnisys provides its clients real time combat support systems. The Omnisys systems, battle proven by defense forces, are used to maximize the operational achievements in a range of operational missions while dealing with challenges of the modern battle ground.
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CDR (Ret.), Sela Meyouhas, Former Project Manager, Israel MOD

Improving the quality of decision-making

  • Combat Support Systems in the battle field
  • Take better advantage of the intelligence resources available
  • Optimum results
  • Additional assistance to complete the mission in the most optimal method
Omnisys’s unique technologies, both overall and in particular the intelligence, starting from data gathering, analysis, distribution and managing targets etc.. – allows significant performance and new operational capabilities in real time. The unique aspect of Omnisys is expressed in the significant added value that it provides via its systems which navigates and directs during movement, and allows for process improvements better decision making by commanders in the field.
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Brig. General (Ret.), Moshe Shchori, Former Chief Intelligence Officer, IDF

Optimize mission planning

  • The ability to allow more aircraft and weapons within the battlefield
  • The ability to perform multiple tasks is a direct result of technology within the battlefield
  • Advanced simulations of multiple events
  • Analyzing the battlefield and better use of the sensors
The positioning of our enemies and the positioning of our own troops in the field is constantly changing. The Omnisys systems know to respond to events in real time, by connecting operational understanding with advanced technology.
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Col. (Ret.), Ran Turgeman, Former Head Air-Control Systems, IAF

The best defense is optimization

  • Full understanding of users’ needs
  • Managing combat requires situation reports
  • Full partner in ongoing operational activity
  • Omnisys manufactures user-friendly tools
Omnisys manufactures user-friendly tools, based on the understanding that the potential user has little time to learn the system. Hence, the learning curve is short, and the system can be mastered within a very short time.
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Brig. General (Ret.), Eitan Yariv, air force operations staff and senior advisor on air defense systems

Technology challenges of the modern battlefield

  • Omnisys’s technology fills up the evolved operational gap
  • Optimize the use of operational systems
  • Innovative approach
  • Increased mission success
Omnisys’s technology fills up the evolved operational gap. The ability to optimize the use of operational systems and realize what is the predicted success of any operational mission in any given moment is extremely valuable to any defense force that use advanced technology systems. Their innovative approach can save not only money, during defense built-up budgetary plans, but can also save lives when increased mission success is achived.
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Brig. General (Ret.), Eytan Eshel, Former Head Military R&D, Israel MOD

The goal: absolute activeness

  • Optimally deployed and operated
  • Omnisys possesses highly significant niche capabilities
  • Unique cutting edge solutions
  • High level of implementation
Omnisys provides unique, cutting edge solutions while acting out of ongoing commitment, attentiveness, understanding, impressive development capability and a high level of implementation. When a specific need arises, requiring a quick solution, Omnisys mobilizes in full force to provide stability and peace of mind, and achieve the expected results.
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Arieh Herzog, Former Head IMDO (Israeli Missile Defense Organization)