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Vision and Values

Omnisys is a company with a unique organizational culture – a culture of positivity, excellence and innovation focused on the quality of its people, treatment of its customers, and the positive and supportive atmosphere in the company.

We are committed to the company’s values – those that make it unique in the business environment in which we operate – and providing high added value to both employees and customers.

For our employees – we shall continue to be a place in which to grow and be nurtured; for our customers – an island of stability and peace of mind on which they can count to meet their expectations.

Our Mission

Omnisys shall constitute a significant leader of Israel’s defense activity through development and supply of innovative systems that enable realizing the potential of core defense systems, and provide superiority on the battlefield.
Omnisys shall operate both in Israel and worldwide without compromising the core values that guide it – positivity, trust, respect for all men, and cooperation with both customers and employees.

Omnisys shall be founded on close ties with its customers and optimal recognition of their present and future needs; an in-depth understanding of technology, complex systems, physics and algorithmics, and the ability to incorporate the different elements into complete systems in a rapid, innovative, precise and competitive way.

Omnisys will always be one step ahead of its competitors by constantly thinking out of the box; being open to new ideas and criticism; through cooperation, empowerment and excellence; the initiative of each and every one of its employees, and the legitimacy of trial and error.

Innovative, Precise and Competitive

The Values That Guide Us

A quality team in a quality environment

  • We are a company of positive people with personal integrity, motivation, enthusiasm, team spirit, determinedness and a high degree of task orientation
  • We take care to recruit people suited to the spirit of the company and its culture
  • We nurture our employees, enabling them to realize their potential over time and achieve self-fulfillment

Aspiration to perpetual growth and development

  • We aspire to perpetual growth and development
  • We see innovation, creativity, striving for excellence and adherence to quality and efficiency as the means of achieving this aspiration
  • We create the conditions for achieving our goals through effective processes, ongoing self-analysis, and constant learning and improvement

Satisfied customers

  • The satisfaction of our customers is a central value of ours; their success is the basis for our success
  • The essence of our ongoing relationships with our customers is positive personal regard, trust, transparency, professionalism and fairness
  • We provide added value to both internal and external customers, out of a real understanding of their needs

Our Clients