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Spectrum Management

The proliferation of wireless, satellite and cellular communication in the last decades made RF spectrum a scarce resource, which is in high demand by both civilian and military users.
BRO-Spectrum Management (SM) is an advanced spectrum (frequency) allocation, situational awareness picture, usage monitoring and alerts generation system that maximizes spectrum utilization and co-existence of Radar systems, wireless communication systems, cellular networks, SATCOM, TV broadcast and various other emitters and receivers.

BRO-SM uses theoretical and actual emitters and receiver’s data, locations (3D) in order to optimize frequency allocation and minimize actual interference patterns received by the sensors.
BRO-SM can work either independently or in conjunction with command and control (C4I) systems to enable commanders to make faster and better decisions.


  • Robust Spectrum allocation planning and order
  • Maximizing co-existence of sensors
  • Maximizing resilience to EMI
  • Improving responsiveness in case of sensor degradation due to EMI

Maximizing effectiveness of your RF spectrum


Spectrum Management Planning

  • Frequency allocation for:
    • Radars
    • Wireless communication and SATCOM systems
    • Jammers and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM)
    • Receivers and Direction Finding (DF) systems
  • Production of operational mission order which includes frequency allocation for each system and spectrum management policy

Spectrum monitoring, interferences detection and alerts generation

  • Spectrum domain situational awareness picture generation
  • Performance analysis, taking into account, sensor predicted performance and actual sensor data
  • Performance degradation alerts such as co-existence interferences and the underlying reasons for the for the degradation
  • Analysis and debriefing utilities

Interface to C4I systems and sensor data

BRO-SM is based on Omnisys’ state-of-the-art infrastructure. A generic, service-oriented software development infrastructure, comprising simulation, optimization, decision support, GIS and visualization engines.

BRO-SM infrastructure allows efficient adaptation to user requirements, as well as interfacing with the customers’ existing systems.

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