BRO Products

The BRO suite features three integrated products that deliver end-to-end optimization throughout the mission lifecycle. Bundled together, these three products deliver a comprehensive view of all three mission stages – pre-mission planning, in-mission operations, and post-mission debriefing.

BRO Planner – pre-mission planning
BRO Planner enables the mission planning team to estimate and maximize mission performance through optimized pre-mission planning. Optimized planning capabilities include optimal asset allocation, route planning, system deployment and configuration, and task assignment. Pre-mission planning is based on estimated performance of operational systems versus mission goals, taking into account terrain, predicted environmental conditions, communication limitations, intelligence data, and various constraints. Using BRO Planner, mission planners can enhance overall mission performance.

BRO Commander – in-mission operations
BRO Commander delivers a range of real-time capabilities to the mission operations team for maximized mission operations. Real-time performance estimation is derived from mission definition, operational deployment, updated intelligence and other factors. Based on changing battle conditions, real-time action recommendations suggest changes in system deployment or configuration. Real-time performance degradation alerts warn of technical problems or improperly executed orders. These capabilities are based on real-time analysis of massive quantities of incoming data from a wide variety of sensors and other information sources, such as C4I systems.

BRO Debriefer – post-mission debriefing
BRO Debriefer allows the mission debriefing team to streamline and optimize the debriefing process, deal with unknowns, new phenomena’s and new scenarios, empowering users to easily analyze the performance of both friendly and enemy forces. Key capabilities and features include research and analysis using cutting-edge data manipulation and visualization tools; anomaly detection and big data analytics; and an adaptive expert system. BRO Debriefer supports efficient in-depth investigations and debriefing that substantially improve future mission performance.

BRO Configurations

Tactical – single-system & multi-mission 

  • Optimal resource allocation and parameter setup
  • Real-time mission performance analysis, estimation and updates
  • Post-mission performance analysis and debriefing

Strategic – multi-system & multi-mission

  • All tactical single-system capabilities
  • Optimal multi-system resource and frequency allocation
  • Integrative multi-system operations and debriefing capabilities

End-to-end planning, operations & debriefing