PISR (Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)

The PISR mission success is strongly affected by vast amount of data generated by the detection, identification and tracking of entities of interest, in both geographic and spectrum domains.
BRO-PISR is a real-time decision support system that optimizes multi-dimensional intelligence gathering mission success.

The system maximizes the utilization of mission related assets, combined with different platforms such as airborne, ground, and maritime, and different sensors such as SAR, GMTI, OMTI and SIGINT.

BRO-PISR is an additional layer of command and control, providing online optimal recommendations and crucial insights that enable decision-makers to plan, monitor, anticipate, and take action to maximize mission success.


  • Optimal, short-time and automatic mission planning to maximize operational mission success.
  • Real-time mission success awareness.
  • optimizing mission success by enabling analysis based decision making
  • Improving responsiveness by reducing decision-maker workload.

Maximizing your PISR mission success


Optimal mission planning

  • Production of operational mission order which includes:
    • Area coverage
    • Allocation of required assets and sensors
    • Scanning patterns and flight paths (when applicable)
    • Target detection and localization performance
    • Policy definition
  • Operational mission order is based on “Mission success criteria”, taking into account:
    • Assets, sensors and platforms capabilities
    • Targets of interest and enemy CONOPS
    • Environmental conditions (weather, clutter, mutual interference)
    • Redundancy, Survivability, Safety requirements
  • Real-time system-wide mission performance monitoring and performance degradation alerts generation:
    • Performance analysis, including real-time environment effects (e.g., weather and EMI), system operability status
    • Performance degradation alerts
    • Enemy CONOPS change alerts
  • Real-time recommendations for asset re-allocation and mission order update to maximize mission success

BRO-PISR is based on Omnisys’ state-of-the-art infrastructure. A generic, service-oriented software development infrastructure, comprising simulation, optimization, decision support, GIS and visualization engines.
BRO-PISR infrastructure allows efficient adaptation to user requirements, as well as interfacing with the customers’ existing systems.