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Maritime Security

BRO Maritime Security (MS) is a real-time decision support system that maximizes security keeping performance for: Strategic, critical sites and infrastructure (such as energy facilities, oil and gas rigs, and the like). Coastal, offshore, and economic water facilities

BRO-MS system improves detection and situational awareness capabilities against aerial, ballistic, maritime and underwater threats.
The system uses real-time optimization of ground-based, ship-borne, airborne and space-borne asset utilization; including: radars, optical sensors, SIGINT, acoustic sensors, electronic warfare, various weapon systems etc.

BRO-MS is an additional layer of command-and-control, providing online optimal recommendations and crucial insights that enable decision-makers to plan the usage of their assets, monitor, anticipate, and take action for maximizing MS mission success.
The system uses sensor data, C4I, adversary CONOPS and intelligence data in order to find the potential operational gaps and to recommend actions to maximize overall mission performance.


Maximizing operational mission performance by:

  • Maximizing operational mission detection performance
  • Optimizing utilization for various assets
  • Real-time mission success awareness

Optimizing utilization of various assets allocated to the MS mission by:

  • Short-time automatic mission planning
  • Reducing decision-maker workload

Maximizing the Success of Your Maritime Security Missions


Optimal mission planning

  • Based on ‘mission success criteria’, sensor and C4I system data, enemy capacities and the concept of operation, as well as environmental conditions.
  • Production of operational orders, including policy definition, asset deployment, major sensor and system parameters, such as:
    • Sensors optimal coverage, platform optimal path
    • Transmissionn sector allocation, EW techniques, etc.

Real-time system-wide mission performance monitoring and performance degradation alerts generation

  • Performance analysis, taking into account the systems’ estimated performance, real-time environment effects and system operability status
  • Performance degradation alerts, including analysis of the underlying reasons for degradation
  • Real-time recommendations for system parameter update for performance enhancement (policy update, mission order update)

BRO-MS is based on Omnisys’ state-of-the-art infrastructure. A generic, service-oriented software development infrastructure, comprising simulation, optimization, decision support, GIS and visualization engines.
BRO-MS infrastructure allows efficient adaptation to user requirements, as well as interfacing with the customers’ existing systems.

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