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Corporate Management

Ofer Yarden – President & CEO

Ofer brings over 28 years of experience in management, business development, business strategy and system engineering. He started his career as a technical officer in the Israeli Air Force. After six years of service, Ofer participated in the foundation and management of several technology oriented companies, such as V-POINT consultancy, VNC software and startup incubator, Netline cellular jamming solutions, and Omnisys. Since 2007, Ofer has been serving as the company’s CEO.

Ofer holds a BSc and an MSc in electrical engineering from the Technion and Tel-Aviv University respectively, as well as an MBA from Kellogg-Recanati.

Alfred (Fredi) Tzimet – Executive VP Business Development

Fredi has over 18 years of engineering, management and business experience, holding key positions in development, management, and marketing of defense systems. Fredi has led the system engineering of several strategic projects, and the international marketing of projects on the order of tens of millions of US dollars. Fredi joined Omnisys in 2004, after six years of service as a technical officer in the Israeli Navy.

Fredi holds a BSc and MSc in electrical engineering from Ben-Gurion University.

Dr. Gil Zwirn – CTO

Gil has over 20 years of experience in software development, algorithm development, system engineering, operations research, and management. His interests and expertise include signal processing, image processing, radar theory, electronic warfare, and medical imaging, with a focus on multidisciplinary systems-of-systems. Gil started working at Omnisys in 2003. As CTO, Gil is in charge of the company’s technology strategy, as well as its algorithm development and system engineering activities. Among his previous positions: VP R&D at Omnisys; system engineer in the Israeli Air-Force, dealing with airborne radar software development.

Gil holds a BSc in physics and computer science and MSc and PhD in medical physics from Tel-Aviv University.

Mickey Harouni – VP R&D

Mickey brings over 21 years of engineering and management experience, holding key positions in system engineering and software development in the defense sector. Mickey started working at Omnisys in 2005. As VP Development, Mickey leads the development of the company’s products. Among his previous positions: engineer and developer of avionic systems in the Israeli Air-Force, system engineer in a strategic UAV project at IAI, and head of the simulation systems department at Omnisys.

Mickey holds a BSc in aeronautical engineering and MBA from the Technion.

Reuven Zaritsky – Director, Head of Operational System Modeling and Analysis Department

Reuven has over 31 years of experience in research, analysis and operations research. Reuven served as a technical officer in the Israeli Air Force for over 20 years, reaching the rank of Lt. Colonel. During that time, he led a wide variety of intelligence research and operations research projects. Reuven joined Omnisys in 2009. Over the last seven years, he has been leading the operations research and system engineering activities in the company.

Reuven holds a BSc and MSc in electrical engineering from the Technion.

Dr. Shai Caspi – Director, Head of Algorithms Department

Shai has over 16 years of experience in the development of complex algorithms for multidisciplinary systems. Shai began his industrial career at Lynx Photonic Networks, as a physicist and algorithm developer. In 2008 he joined Omnisys as an algorithm developer, and within a short period of time was appointed head of the company’s algorithms department. Shai leads the development of algorithms incorporated into the company’s products, as well as of innovative concepts for the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

Shai holds a BSc in physics and mathematics from Tel-Aviv University and an MSc and PhD in physics from the Weizmann Institute and Tel-Aviv University respectively.

Michal Bezalel – Outsourcing Manager

Michal has 14 years of experience in recruitment and HR management. Michal joined Omnisys in 2006 as recruitment coordinator. A year later, she was appointed HR director, and in 2013 she began managing its outsourcing activities as well. As HR director, Michal is in charge of the recruitment and professional growth of the company’s employees, under the motto: “Omnisys is a company of positive and goal-oriented people, with personal integrity, team spirit, motivation, and enthusiasm. The company strives to enable its employees to grow personally and professionally and realize their potential.”

Michal holds a BA in behavioral sciences majoring in organizational behavior and human resource management, and an MBA majoring in organizational consulting from Tel-Aviv University.

Liraz Sarusi – Director of Operations

Liraz brings over 13 years of experience in finance, operations, and administration. Liraz joined Omnisys in 2004, in an administrative capacity, and quickly assumed many additional roles. Since 2006, she has been serving as the company’s director of operations. Her responsibilities include the management of finance, administration, operations, and quality assurance.