Company Profile

Omnisys is a global provider of mission optimization solutions for defense and homeland security.

The Omnisys BRO suite of battle resource optimization products enables end-to-end planning, operations and debriefing for integrated land, sea and air missions. Israel’s mission optimization leader, Omnisys delivers combat-proven solutions for diverse critical missions including Air Surveillance, Persistent ISR, Spectrum Management, Electronic Warfare, Maritime Security, Air Defense, SIGINT and Wireless Communications.

Possessing deep multidisciplinary expertise, Omnisys develops cutting-edge real-time analysis and optimization technologies. Omnisys empowers mission commanders and other military users to efficiently plan and execute complex missions for maximized mission performance.

  • Persistent Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (PISR)
  • Spectrum Management
  • Air Surveillance
  • Air Defense (AD)
  • Maritime Security
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Wireless Communications
  • Electronic Warfare (EW)
  • Radars & SAR
  • Optic and electro-optic sensors
  • Communication & COMJAM
  • Optimization engine
  • Parameter optimization
  • Path optimization
  • Transmission frequency allocation optimization
  • Decision Support engine
  • Cost function based
  • Wave propagation
  • Clutter
  • Multipath
  • Mutual interference
  • Service oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Multiple software languages, e.g., .NET, SQL, C++, and MATLAB
  • GIS and 2D / 3D Visualization

Cutting-edge Battle Resource Optimization products

BRO (Battle Resources Optimization)

BRO is Omnisys’ suite of cutting-edge battle resource optimization products. Combat-proven BRO products leverage existing C4I and weapons systems to serve as true “mission performance multipliers.” Integrating easily with a wide range of military assets, BRO optimizes and simplifies complex land, sea and air missions.

BRO enables mission commanders and other military users to reduce information overload and maximize mission performance.

The BRO suite features three integrated products that deliver end-to-end optimization throughout the mission lifecycle.

“Omnisys’ experience and expertise in defense technologies, combined with real understanding of operational challenges, has made it one of the leading providers of Real-time Decision Support Systems.” / B. General ret. Arie Fishbein, former Israel Air-Defense Commander.

Omnisys is an important partner for many leading defense related organizations, including the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Israeli Defense Industries.

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